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ITIC cards

The International Teacher Identity Card is the most widely accepted document, certifying the teacher’s status. ITIC card is the key to favorable travel, with guaranteed discounts for transportation, accommodation, visiting of museums and sights. Apart from the travelling discounts, ITIC cardholders enjoy thousands of discounts in various areas in Bulgaria and abroad: shopping, concerts and theaters, sports, beauty and health, computers and communication, services, etc. ITIC is issued and distributed under the aegis of UNESCO.


  • Travel discounts – special prices for airline and bus tickets, discounts on accommodation in hostels and hotels; discounts on travel insurance;
  • Discounts in Bulgaria – key to more than 1500 discounts in Bulgaria in various areas: entertainment, shopping, dining and drinking, sports, beauty and health, computers and communications, services, etc.
  • Discounts Abroad – discounts at about 40 000 sites worldwide: museums, cultural and historical sites, galleries, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, clubs, etc;


  • Teachers of regular practice in higher, secondary or elementary school;
  • Lecturers with labor contract, teaching 18 classes per week in a legitimate educational institution.


  • Document, certifying that you are a teacher – official note with date and outgoing number, indicating the number of classes per week employment (minimum 18 classes);
  • ID card or passport;
  • One passport-size photo *;
  • Complete application for issuance of ITIC card.

* The card might be issued without a photo, but the cardholder shall place his/her own photo. The ISIC card is not valid without a photo. For a photo of third party on the ISIC card, the cardholder bears responsibility under art. 308, art. 309 and art. 316 of the Criminal Code of the republic of Bulgaria for modifying of content of document or using a false document.

Card price: BGN 18

Validity: one academic year from September 01 to December 31 the following year (for example: from 01.09.2012 to 31.12.2013)


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